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DyCare designs wearable sensors solutions that revolutionize the rehabilitation process. We innovate in physical rehabilitation with medical devices so that physiotherapists, rehabilitation physician and orthopedic surgeons improve the diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of the mobility disorders of their patients.
DyCare® Lynx performs a functional assessment of the patient and evaluate their progress through capture motion sensors. Lynx software allows the rehabilitation professional to easily and precisely measure the mobility of each joint, providing objective and quantifiable information.
ReHub® platform is the World`s first Digital Recovery Therapy solution that delivers effective, personalized home rehabilitation for muscle skeletal dosorders sufferers. Our unique wearable sensor and intelligent algorithms deliver objective, real-time measurements of a patient`s muscle strength and joint movement.
Physiotherapists will be able to create a rehabilitation program tailored specifically to each patient`s condition, with the ability to monitor their progress and adapt their exercises remotely.

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