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Capenergy Medical, S.L.

CAPENERGY is a manufacturing company of hyperthermia medical devices for the physical therapy and aesthetic medicine areas.
Head offices are located in Barcelona, Spain.

We produce a hyperthermia device whose technology is the most advanced in the market right now: it has a three-way working system that consists on manual capacitive, manual resistive and automatic capacitive accessories. This last option is very interesting, because it speeds up treatments and results due to two reasons: first, it allows you to apply up to four pairs of plates simultaneously), without the presence of the machine operator (CAPENERGY machine works automatically). Secondly, these type of machines allows to penetrate more amount of energy simultaneously inside the body, and consequently, results are quick and spectacular (increasing metabolism and detoxifying inner organs in 20 minutes).

We have two machines which are orientated towards physical therapy: C 100 (with capacitive + resistive electrode +1 automatic channel) and C 200 (with capacitive + resistive electrode +2 automatic channels). Within our offer, we also have two more machines which are offered for the aesthetic medicine sector: this is C 300 (with capacitive + resistive electrode +3 automatic channel), and C 400 (with capacitive + resistive electrode +4 automatic channels). We have reciently incorporated a new machine to our catalogue: this is C50, which is exclusively manual and has one only channel.

Besides these characteristics, the machine has a frequency selector which is very interesting, because it allows you to select how deep the current flows. For example, if you program the CAPENERGY machine at 0,8 MHz it will strongly treat inner and deep tissues; if you program it at 1 MHz, it will focus the signal in intermediate tissues such as muscle, and if you program it at 1,2 MHz it will target more superficial areas. This fact will allow you to be more successful in your therapeutic result and will customize the therapy to the patient´s need, since the energy always flows to the injury focus.

The CAPENERGY machine is a medical device with the certified CE number 0120. Consequently, it must be used under qualified professionals surveillance.

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