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Capenergy Medical, S.L.

CAPENERGY is a manufacturing company of hyperthermia medical devices for the physical therapy and aesthetic medicine areas.
Head offices are located in Barcelona, Spain.
Given their rapid growth in the last years Capenergy is looking to strengthen their exports with long term business partners in the UK.
Capenergy develops, manufactures and distributes various types of none-invasive equipment for physiotherapy & sports, beauty care, dental and uro-gynecology among others.
This non-invasive advanced technology by Capacitive-Resistive Electric Transfer has proved to be an effective and safe method for treating pain. With a 620w power, C200 device has a simultaneous use and can be operated in automatic or manual mode.
C200 model enhances the performance of sportspeople and top athletes by providing care for acute musculoskeletal injuries, reduction of degree of trauma and offers the athlete a faster and more effective return to physical activity. Spain league soccer teams such as Celta, Villareal, Betis or Cordoba to name a few, have already incorporated this technology to their athletes routine.
This hyperthermia device, whose technology is the most advanced in the market right now, has a three-way working system that consists on manual capacitive, manual resistive and automatic capacitive accessories. This last option is very interesting, because it speeds up treatments and results due to two reasons: first, it allows you to apply up to four pairs of plates simultaneously), without the presence of the machine operator (CAPENERGY machine works automatically). Secondly, these type of machines allows to penetrate more amount of energy simultaneously inside the body, and consequently, results are quick and spectacular (increasing metabolism and detoxifying inner organs in 20 minutes).
The CAPENERGY machine is a medical device with the certified CE number 0120. Consequently, it must be used under qualified professionals surveillance.

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