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Enhancing Performance and Accelerating Recovery with The Hudson Mind Process©

If you are familiar with the work of Prof. Timothy Noakes (1), then you will already know about the `Central Governor` (2) and how this, still as yet, unidentified part of the brain, inhibits an athlete`s performance.

The author, a Behavioural Change Consultant, believes that he has found how to influence the Central Governor without the need for performance enhancing drugs or gadgets; he`s directing your mind to success. The theory suggests that there is an electro magnetic field around each human being and the main operating system is in front of us, called `the screen`. Information that is collected via `the screen` is then filtered into the brain and the central nervous system, where it is utilised for the survival of the person (3).

Overcoming Chronic Pain with The Hudson Mind Process©

HMP© offers a genuine alternative health approach, which is targeted, measurable and effective. Grounded within the field of education, the bi-product of which, gives massive therapeutic benefits to clients and practitioners. Co-authored Article Body Mind Workers and Centre for Pain Research, School of Clinical and Applied Sciences, Leeds Beckett University published 1 August 2016
`...Pain practitioners are more likely to establish what pain means to a person if they are able to understand the person`s experience and the context within which it is situated.` See full article here

A team of Body Mind Workers©, the practitioners delivering the Hudson Mind Process© will be giving live demonstrations and asking you one simple question, which when answered can transform chronic pain and enhance performance...

What if Your Mind is not Your Brain?

Come and meet the Body Mind Workers© team and discover for yourself how your mind really does drive performance as well as chronic pain.

We are now taking bookings for free 15 minute sessions on stand with our experienced practitioners on phobia cures and performance enhancement. Availability is limited so please book early on +44 020 813 391 66 or

(1) Noakes, T. Lore of Running, 2004, pg 147
(2) Kay D, Marino FE, Cannon J, St Clair Gibson A, Lambert MI, Noakes TD. Evidence for neuromuscular fatigue during high-intensity cycling in warm, humid conditions. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2001 Jan-Feb;84(1-2):115-21
(3) Hudson, E.M. (2017). The Hudson Mind Theory - Part 1. Available:

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