The Business Connections Wall, at COPA Expo

The Business Connections Wall

This feature is designed to help people make good connections. If you are looking for a room within an established practice, or perhaps are a practices looking for a practitioner to rent an empty room, are you looking to colloberate, hire, find new contacts, develop referrals or find advice? All you'll need to do is head to the wall, find the area you’re looking in and pin up your advert; then return at the end of the day to collect your advert and any business cards of interested Practitioners, professionals or practice owners. This will form an integral part of the buzz of the show.

The beauty of this feature is that it is relevant for every single visitor to COPA and is an area that every visitor will make a fundamental part of their COPA Show - irrespective of what stage or what size of private practice life you're are at - it is a 'must see' feature as much for owners of large practices and newly qualified start-up practitioners.