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  • Jamie George and Rhys Carter: Speaking at the COPA Series

    Jamie George and Rhys Carter
    Saracens & the Carter & George Practice

    Can we bring elite level rehab to the general public?

  • Graham Dawson: Speaking at the COPA Series

    Graham Dawson
    H.M Prison/Graham Dawson Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy in Prison: Making a difference to the client and customer

  • Ruth Duncan: Speaking at the COPA Series

    Ruth Duncan
    Myofascial Release UK (MFR UK)

    Fascia and Pain

  • Aaron Swanborough: Speaking at the COPA Series

    Aaron Swanborough

    Is your clinic ready for GDPR?

  • Alaa Razak: Speaking at the COPA Series

    Alaa Razak
    Kensington Podiatry

    Rehabilitation of foot and ankle: Incorporating Orthotics and flexibility for restoration

  • Samantha Moss: Speaking at the COPA Series

    Samantha Moss
    GLO Wellbeing

    The Spine Lifestyle. Assessing, treating, and thriving through back pain.

  • Rosi Sexton: Speaking at the COPA Series

    Rosi Sexton
    Olton Osteopathy

    What being a professional fighter taught me about treating pain

  • Evan Kuester: Speaking at the COPA Series

    Evan Kuester

    3D Printing and Prosthesis across species

  • David Sheehan: Speaking at the COPA Series

    David Sheehan
    FastForm Medical

    Custom-fitted orthoses for advanced Fracture & soft tissue treatment; Demonstrations

  • Jill Woods: Speaking at the COPA Series

    Jill Woods
    Practice Momentum

    Practice Marketing – The 5 key things every health professional should be focussed on

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  • DJO Global: Copa Chiro Exhibitor

    DJO Global

    Stand No: 610

  • SCENAR World: Copa Chiro Exhibitor

    SCENAR World

    Stand No: 672

  • The Wellington Hospital: Copa Chiro Exhibitor

    The Wellington Hospital

    Stand No: 841

  • HyperVibe UK: Copa Chiro Exhibitor

    HyperVibe UK

    Stand No: 822

  • Professional Call Minders: Copa Chiro Exhibitor

    Professional Call Minders

    Stand No: 226

  • stiivii: Copa Chiro Exhibitor


    Stand No: 522

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